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Holiday 2017 Gift Guide!

Power Pencils is offering a new lineup of sets for the holidays! Adventure Pack Perfect for those who want to explore our world and other worlds, the Adventure Pack collects the most daring and exciting Power Pencils for the most daring and exciting people. In this set, you’ll receive: The Pencil of Treasure — Use it to find treasure, draw… Read more →

Holiday 2016 Gift Guide!

Happy Holidays! Power Pencils has something weird and different for everyone weird and different on your list! Here are a few of the items found in my store. Pencil of Stories — Holiday Pack This year, you can order the brand new Pencil of Stories Pack that comes with 2 Power Pencils and 6 magical, etched wooden ornaments — everything… Read more →

New Jetpack Werewolf Ornaments!

They sold out last year, but now they’re back! The Jetpack Werewolf Ornament has triumphantly returned, and it’s bigger than ever. This year’s laser-etched wooden ornament is a bit larger than last years, measuring about 4 inches by 4 inches, and a quarter-inch thick. The back of the ornament is dated, making this something to cherish for years to come!… Read more →

Power Pencils Series 4: Monster Pack!

Not all Power Pencils are good. These five monster Power Pencils control the most terrible and evil creatures in the universe! In this set you get all five monster pencils: Pencil of Werewolves – Summon and tame the savage wolves! Pencil of Serpents – Communicate with the cryptic and deadly snakes and serpents! Pencil of Vampires – Become the master… Read more →

Power Pencil #18: The Pencil of Dreams

Defeat the nightmares and sleep well with the brand new Pencil of Dreams! The latest Power Pencil has the ability to control the dream realm. Write down whatever you’d like to dream about, and as you sleep, you will experience those exact dreams! Dream about adventure! Dream about magic worlds! Dream about pretty people! With this pencil, your dreams will… Read more →