Pencil of Stories Holiday Pack (With 6 Wooden Ornaments!)

img_1297Tired of hearing the same old stories? Want more than just tales of the new girl at school who falls in love with a cute boy? Do you want new fables, fictions, and fantasies? The Pencil of Stories is filled with creative, magical stories that will spill out on the page — simply hold the pencil to paper and begin to write.

Plus, the set comes with magical wooden ornaments you CANNOT find anywhere else!


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In this special pack, you’ll receive:

1 Pencil of Stories (with instruction manual)
1 Pencil of Goblins (with instruction manual)
6 Etched Wooden Ornaments:

    Pterodactyl Girl
    Group of Goblins
    Two Individual Goblins
    And, of course, a Jetpack Werewolf


The Pencil of Stories, like all Power Pencils, was created by a wizard. The wizard was an amazing storyteller and everyone loved his magical tales. He would write the stories in storybooks using this pencil and illustrated the stories with enchanted wooden ornaments that sprang to life when the stories were told.


You’ll learn more about the wizard and the ornaments in the included instruction manual. While the storybooks were lost, the stories themselves remained hidden inside the wood of this magic pencil. There are thousands of stories to find in the pencil! Stories of dragons, warriors, and adventurous snails! These stories will be unlike anything you’ve read (or written) before!

The Pencil of Goblins is included and the set comes with a few magic ornaments to help inspire you. What’s the story behind these characters? That’s for you to discover. Use this pencil and find their stories! (And remember, the ornaments might come to life.)



The Pencil of Stories holiday pack is very limited, so order soon before they sell out.
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