Power Pencil #5: The Pencil of Necromancy

IMG_3504The Pencil of Necromancy talks to ghosts. It can summon the spirits of the dead who will use this pencil (with your help) to write messages from beyond the grave.


Necromancy is the “practice of communicating with the dead especially for the purposes of predicting the future.” It’s also a fun word to say. Necromancy. Necromancy. It almost sounds like a fruit!

But it is not a fruit. It is scary. It is spooky. And now it’s a Power Pencil!


The ghosts may speak to you through this pencil in a variety of ways.

If you hold the pencil very loosely, and say the magic words of summoning (included in the instruction booklet), a ghost will begin to guide your hand, drawing a message from the afterlife. The included instruction booklet will help you decipher a ghost’s typically horrendous penmanship.

Or, you can use Spectral Communication Chart 193xx.8 (included) which operates in a manner similar to that of a Ouija Board. By loosely holding the pencil, saying the magic words, and allowing the ghosts to guide your hand, the pencil will point to letters or words that spell out their message. It works best if two people are holding the same pencil, and if you’re using the pencil after midnight.


Most ghosts are rather friendly and will offer spectral advice and information. However, communicating with the dead is dangerous. It is possible that evil spirits will possess your soul and/or hand. As such, keep your mouth closed when using the pencil.


Be sure to follow the included rules and instructions to avoid accidentally summoning a murder ghost or swamp cheetah.


The Pencil of Necromancy is available now in our store!

This pencil is perfect for ghost stories, slumber parties, slumber tournaments, scaring people, learning what will happen to you, learning what happened to your great Pop-Pop, and so much more!


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