Power Pencil #8: The Pencil of Treasure

IMG_4553Whatever you’re looking for can be found using the newest Power Pencil: The Pencil of Treasure!


Draw a map with this pencil, and it will help you locate treasure! Or, hold the pencil to a pre-existing map, and let it draw your path. Click here to order! (Compass not included)


The pencil can find all kinds of treasure, from money to lost cellphones! Plus, there is a coded message etched on the pencil that will guide you to King Rantula’s hidden treasure. Can you uncover the clues?


The Pencil of Treasure comes with a guidebook that will explain how to use the pencil and lists possible treasures you may want to hunt. There’s also an illustrated map that can be used to help find King Rantula’s treasure!



Need to find dinosaur bones buried in your yard? Want to search for bigfoot or the lost kingdom of Atlantis? Want to know the best way to get to Wilmington, DE? This pencil will guide you!


The Pencil of Treasure is the first pencil of Power Pencils Series 2! You can buy the pencil separately, or sign up for the six-month subscription. The six-month subscription is only offered this month and will include the entirety of Series 2. Order soon!

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