Power Pencil #10: The Pencil of Portals

IMG_4760Traveling has never been easier, thanks to the brand new Pencil of Portals! Draw a portal (or any door/hole-ish shape) with this powerful pencil and the enchanted doorway will magically open to another dimension, another realm, or even central Ohio!

IMG_4783By drawing a portal, you are ripping apart the fabric of our reality and you and your friends can travel through this space-tear and have all types of adventures. Draw a circle shape, knock three times with the tip of the pencil, hold your breath, and see what happens!

Your drawing doesn’t need to be a specific size. As you probably know, portal-magic doesn’t rely on traditional physics, so things like sizes and shapes aren’t a real concern. A typical giraffe can fit through a portal the size of fingernail.

IMG_4776Portals come with problems, of course. Things (bad things, mostly) from the other side of the portal may march on through and into our world. Be prepared.

You must be careful with this pencil. Any closed shape you draw will be considered a portal, so watch out when writing O-heavy words like “moon” and “moon boot” as they will cause huge problems and all kinds of wind and unwanted gravity.

IMG_4757All of this is explained in the included instruction book. You’ll also learn how to access a few specific realms, such as the “Realm of Pleasure” and the “Realm of Steel and Lightning.”


The Pencil of Portals is perfect for anyone seeking adventure, or simply seeking escape. Are you trapped in pit? Use this pencil to get out. Are you stuck in a boring meeting? This pencil is your emergency exit. Do you need a place to hide after robbing a bank? This pencil is your getaway car.

There are only a limited number of Portal Pencils, so act fast. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

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See you next month…