Power Pencil #11: The Borrower’s Pencil

IMG_4837If you have annoying friends who always ask to borrow a pencil, offer them the brand new Borrower’s Pencil!

IMG_4829This magical writing wand comes equipped with mystical markings and enchantments that will ensure the pencil is returned.

And what if your pencil is not returned? Then Voto, the watcher, takes over. Voto is always watching. His face is etched on the back of the pencil. He is a demon of vengeance. If the pencil is not returned to its rightful owner in a timely manner, Voto will curse the borrower with powerful hexes.


But wait, there’s more!

You can use the Borrower’s Pencil to write a list of items that were once stolen from you and Voto will unleash his vengeance upon the criminals. You won’t necessarily get your stuff back, but it’s nice knowing that Voto is delivering his unique brand of demonic justice.

Voto’s vengeance comes in many forms, from headaches and unexpected teeth to fire and tigers. Monsters and torment may occur. Please handle the pencil with care.


Each pencil comes with the instruction book which explains how to claim ownership of your pencil, ways to break the curse if your friend realizes what she has done, and much more!


Order your Borrower’s Pencil today! Supplies are limited.

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