Power Pencil #13: The Pencil of Speed

IMG_5116Quicker than fast, faster than quick, the Pencil of Speed can devour school work, tests, and all manner of writing in seconds!


You can write an entire novel in a day!

Draw a 1 to 1 scale map of your town in an afternoon!

Write down every number that ends in two!!!


Thanks to the magical markings etched into the pencil, the Pencil of Speed is loaded with super swiftness that breaks the laws of physics!

And, if you follow the instructions found in the included instruction booklet, you can use the Pencil of Speed to travel through time!

Plus, and this is where it gets crazy, if you carry the Pencil of Speed with you, it will make you physically faster. You will run faster, swim faster, karate faster, and dance faster.


The Pencil of Speed can turn a tortoise into a very, very fast tortoise!

And if you were reading this while holding the Pencil of Speed, you’d already be done by now.


The Pencil of Speed is the 6th and final pencil of Power Pencils Series 2! You can now order the complete set of Power Pencils Series 2 by clicking here!

(Series 3 begins next month, and subscriptions for Series 3 will be open next month, too!)

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